Aslon® H-clinker

Stables and outdoor areas are usually made of concrete. Due to the hard and/or smooth underground animals can injure themselves. Having a rubber floor will significantly reduce risks. The Aslon® H mats and Aslon® H clinkers make perfect floors in passageways, outdoor areas and roundabouts.
The H mats and H clinkers are made of recycled rubber granulate, colouring agents and polyurethane.

Aslon® H mat

Due to its profile, the Aslon® H mat can be placed quickly and with the greatest ease. The drainage channels on the underside of the mat allow for easy drainage of water and urine. This product is available in black, red and green.

Aslon® H clinker

The Aslon® H clinker can be used for any hard base. Thanks to the H profile, stones can be placed individually. This product is
available in black, red and green.


• permeable to water and urine
• insulating
• soundproof
• comfortable
• flexible
• retaining its shape
• frost-resistant up to -40ºC
• heat-resistant up to 80ºC
• weatherproof and windproof