Aslon® Ladder mat

The Aslon® Ladder mat is designed as such that, provided it is used correctly, your ladder is very unlikely to slip away. The Aslon® Ladder mat is available in two different widths,
100 cm and 130 cm.


A mixture of high-quality rubber types, polymers and catalytic agents ensures optimal resistance. The open structure provides a larger contact surface with the foundation, which guarantees an outstanding antiskid coefficient. The Aslon® Ladder mat has been extensively tested by TNO. By manufacturing the Aslon® Ladder mat at a high pressure and a high temperature, a long-lasting product comes about which is immune to a high point concentrated load. Also, the Aslon® Ladder mat is made from longwearing rubber with SBR 70 shore. The product is fully recyclable.


Put the Aslon® Ladder mat wherever you wish to use the ladder. Make sure there are no loose items underneath the mat. Place your ladder with its legs against the open edge on the ribbed side of the ladder mat. A ladder should always be opened in a position of about 75 degrees. On hard floors, the Aslon® Ladder mat can handle a maximum load of 150 kilograms.


• prevents the ladder from slipping
• prevents the ladder from sinking into the grass or earth
• prevents damage to the roofing felt caused by the ladder
• prevents damage to other floor types such as parquet,
   linoleum, marble, tiles, EPDM, etcetera.


The Aslon® Ladder mat has been tested by TNO. It meets the Commodities Act Decree: NEN 2484 ladders and steps.

The Aslon® Ladder mat is manufactured under ISO 9001:2000. Hecmar gives a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty provided the ladder mat is used correctly. Hecmar shall not be held liable for any damage caused by accidents.