Aslon® Stable tile/Stable mat

Boxes are usually made of concrete. Because of their hard walls and floors animals are very likely to injure themselves. Rubber sidewalls and floors can help seriously reduce these risks. Also, using rubber alternatives will significantly increase the lifespan of upturns.

Aslon® stable tile

The studded structure on the underside of each mat makes sure water and urine are drained quickly. The result is a clean and hygienic area. Using the Aslon® stable tiles also means less straw is required. This product is available in black and red.

Aslon® stable mat

By covering the sidewalls of horse boxes with rubber mats, the animals are less likely to harm themselves and also, less damage is done to the walls. Using this product means both the horse and box are well protected. This product is available in black.


• water and urine easily drained
• insulating
• soundproof
• comfortable
• flexible
• retaining its shape
• frost-resistant up to -40ºC
• heat-resistant up to 80ºC
• weatherproof and windproof