Aslon® EPDM cast floor

Aslon® EPDM cast floors are usually applied for playgrounds. Cast floors are available in different thicknesses and colours.

One major advantage of having an Aslon® EPDM cast floor is that this floor is seamless. It is perfect for playground equipment. Playgrounds must meet strict safety requirements. The Aslon® EPDM cast floors are applied in accordance with the European NEN standard 1177 and they must meet an HIC value (Head Injury Criterion). All Aslon® EPDM cast floors meet these significant requirements to help create safe playgrounds.


Thickness Drop height
40 mm 1,20 metre
60 mm 1,60 metre
80 mm 2,10 metre
100 mm 2,40 metre
120 mm 2,80 metre
140 mm 3,00 metre




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